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Monday, March 31, 2003

About the actors and actresses who oppose the war........ I don't care whether or not they are for the war. Their opinions do not affect me. i like actors and actresses only for their acting ability for I know them on no other level.

I have never developed an attraction or crush on one. I have never gone to them for advice. To me, they are only pieces put together to make a t.v. show or movie by which I am entertained. I will not avoid or boycott their movies just because they behave foolishly.

I don't care with whom they are having sex or what their religious beliefs are. They are nothing to me but entertainment and as long as they succeed in doing that, I will continue to be entertained by them.
Big Butts - I have nothing against big butts; matter of fact, some women wear them quite well. (men never do)

I went to a restaurant for dinner in order to then be able to buy much needed groceries. There was a birthday party with many women walking around their table socializing. I was in a pretty mellow mood so this didn't bother me....but, had I been sitting one table up, I probably would have been bothered.

One of the big butted ladies kept backing into that table. Amazingly, the couple sitting there had no reaction. I was amazed; I think I would have started talking to the woman just to make her realize that I was there.

That was a big butt! I'm glad it wasn't on my table!
In response to "Monday Madness,"

1. If you were to write a book, what would it be about? I thought about writing about my life, but that has already been done. I thought about writing about a bunch of mice in my house, but that has been done too. In fact, I don't think I'd write a book - my attention span isn't the greatest for that type of thing.

2. What three food items would combine to make the most disgusting concoction ever? To be honest, I started thinking about this and I just don't want to think about it anymore.

3. What is your favorite time of the day and why? Before today, I would have said the morning because I usually get up early even on my days off, but today I didn't really get moving until noon! I also enjoy very late at night; I think it's the quiet hours between midnight (ish) and 7am when most of the others get up and start making noise which makes the earth shake.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Human Interest Stories - Ick! They stink!

I don't know if I put what I am referring to in the correct category; I'm referring to the News people interviewing the families of those involved in the war. Very seldom do I see a family on the news that sounds like they are "on the ball."

The brother and (I don't know who) of the guy who attacked our/his own was on GMA just now and they...... well, I'll just say they win the prize!

Monday, March 24, 2003

He did it for Bill and I. It was with Mary and I. NO! NO! Don't say that! Would you say... He did it for WE? Would you say...It was with We? NO! You wouldn't! He did it for Bill and Me (us). It was with Mary and me (us.)

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Richard Engel is one of the ABC "war" correspondents. I am impressed with him because he speaks and translates Arabic fluently. I specify his ability to translate along with speaking because they do not necessarily go hand in hand.

This impresses me greatly because Arabic is one of those languages that is TOTALLY foreign - meaning that the language uses a different alphabet and different system than many of our languages.

I just want to speak Spanish fluently! Due to lack of continuity, I haven't yet accomplished that goal. This language, in my opinion has many grammatical similarities to English. I also think it is more logical than English when it comes to some of the differences.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I'm not generally one to talk about politics and the BIG real things that are going on in life, but................................ perhaps I'll risk it.

Risk what? you ask! Risk exposing my ignorance. Here it goes....

I don't have the quote, but just this morning on Good Morning America, the former president Bush said that this is history repeating itself. To that, I agree.

Why must we repeat history? Because we didn't finish the job the first time!

If we don't blow away Saddam and all others like him this time, I will be disturbed with our country and by this war.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

Time warps - traveling in time - messing with the future via the past and vice versa

If one day it becomes possible, don't do it.

His dad died in a fire - In the future, the kid changed it. As a result of the dad's not dying, the mother was killed later.

They fixed things but at the same time, they caused other problems.

Now is the only thing we have control over. Do you have things to do? Do them now.

The movie? Frequency - I just watched it on the television.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Elizabeth Smart- Found - That's great! But..............................

Something is suspicious about this story. A 14 or 15 year old can normally find her way home, can't she? She was only about 15 miles away from home. The news is not informative at all! The only thing I have been hearing is how happy everyone is and don't misunderstand me; I do think that's wonderful, but what happened?

I thought maybe I would find more info online, but it too only speaks of happiness - tell us the story! What kept her with this homeless guy? The most informative piece I found was this: Elizabeth, 15, was found in Sandy, Utah — just about 15 miles from her home — with drifter Brian David Mitchell and a woman identified as Wanda Eileen Barzee, police said. The girl's blond hair was concealed by a veil and a wig, police said. In my opinion, this is not informative at all.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

In the past, I would never tell loved ones about the stupid things I had done, the mistakes made and the troubles I was in. Now, with eyes wide open and a clear mind, I need to blog about this day. The end result being that I am also informing all my family members and a few other people of my stupidity/carelessness.

I don't know how to explain it, but I have truly been "off" lately. I don't mean depressed or anything ... just OFF. I believe I know what I need to do to get back on and that begins with letting it out here.

I was on my way to work; feeling a bit out of sorts with no explanation. Driving behind a school bus, I was thinking, "please don't turn left at the stop sign." Her left blinker then began to flash. Assuming (we all know what that does) that she was turning left at the stop sign, I decided to pass her. She turned left on the dirt road before the stop sign.

Oh Crap! Thug!

I took the school bus on the right side of my Toyota (great car by the way.)

While debating whether or not to call the law, a Sheriff drove up. Hmmmm - guess there's my answer.

I called work and gave the phone sales associate a brief version of what had just happened and told her that I wasn't coming in.

I went home and had a fire in the back of the back yard. I came in to bake cookies knowing that eating crap is the last thing I needed. I went outside to tend to the fire forgetting about the cookies until I came back into the house only to smell them burning. I thought to myself, "solves that dilemma" - sat them out front and opened the front door. I didn't want the cookies anyway knowing I would probably eat all of them before the day was over.

Moving on........ trying to do things that need to be done.
Happy Birthday Mom!

I'm glad you were born - not only because without you there wouldn't be me, but really because you are a wonderful woman.

You are a woman I have always respected and admired.

I love you : )

Thursday, March 06, 2003

I hope Rob doesn't think he can really sing. Haven't the men ever read the ingredients on a coke can before? They acted like it was new information. I don't have much good to say about the women either.

This season of survivor is the worst they've had yet, but I still believe it is a micro-picture of what our society is really like. The producers just happened to pick a bad "theme."

I'm still going - one of these days.
You never know who is next to you.

We all at times, make grave generalizations.

I'm not an activist.

What is she talking about? you may ask. Here it is....

Yesterday, while standing behind the service desk at work, one of the associates said, "Oh man, there were some Mexicans in here that stunk so bad!" I calmly said while trying not to express emotion something to the effect of, ' I bet ~pause~ because most Mexicans around here are very hard workers; I bet they sweat a lot.' She obviously didn't comprehend anything I said because she continued talking about this and I slowly left the area and moved on with my business.

Did this bother me? No, not really; mostly it surprises me how ignorant people are. Many people who go to the Home Depot stink! Many of them are in the middle of a job and others just stink all the time (my guess). The majority, however are the "ol' country bumpkins" there, I made a generalization too! Point being though that I would not have said, "Man, that redneck stinks!"

I can do even better than that, but once again, I won't be saying this inside that store..... "Man , that toothless, idiotic redneck smells like he hasn't taken a bath in 20 years! "

ha ha ha ha ha - that felt good.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Yesterday - up at 4:30 a.m. to be out the door by 5 in order to be at work by 6am. I met two coworkers and off we were on a two hour drive to a garden road show.

The day began with John Deere lawn mowers and garden tractors. It was actually very interesting. We moved on to Murray - they have a bit of a complex by the way - the vendor made sure we understood they are "price sensitive." I learned about Toro, Homelite and Echo from string trimmers to big lawn tractors. Overall, it was a great day! I love learning in most capacities and it did not surprise me that I also enjoy learning about Power Equipment.

The idea of vendors teaching sales associates to sell their equipment is certainly a good one. Today will be my first day in the seasonal/garden department and I do feel more equipped with knowledge than if I hadn't attended this road show.

I forgot to mention the anticlimactic ending - patio furniture! This part wasn't very interesting and the vendors didn't really tell us much that we couldn't have learned from the brochure. On the road again - to Pooler - back at 7pm. I clocked 13 hours for the day which left me with a short one today. Life is good all!

Give me more! Give me more! Knowledge that is

Monday, March 03, 2003

You know how when you're doing laundry and socks mysteriously disappear somewhere during the process of washing or drying? Well there is a similar tribulation while hanging clothes on the line.

No, the socks don't disappear; the clothespins do!

Hanging an item on the line and for whatever reason the clothespin snaps off the item and the line while disappearing into oblivion! I look obsessively until I finally give up - it's just a clothespin!
About March 1st...................... It was during the end of February and the beginning of March that Susan and I met. Where did we meet? Some people shy away from admitting this form of meeting, but I personally have been quite open about it. We met online at a site of mutual interest in a chat room. The funny thing is that S is not really into "chat," but she was there one evening while I was there. I pulled her aside in chat where we started having a one on one conversation and our friendship continued to grow from there.

Our friendship is flourishing as we continue to provide for the other whatever we each need to find the balance of peace, direction and happiness in our lives. Don't misunderstand me... we each have already found this in ourselves as individuals, but we have found there to be great value in having someone with whom you can share the highs and lows in life.

"Here's to a positive synergystic future"
~ holding up the beverage of your choice ~

Saturday, March 01, 2003

If you have a back load of tears you feel the need to dispense, watch "i am sam."
The day - It was a rough one, but only because I allowed it to get the best of me. So the guy will get his drywall tomorrow! No biggie! He wasn't going to work today anyway. So why did I let it get to me? I guess because I had a weak moment.

The evening - I decided to get a few movies and some crab legs. I actually feel better now.

i am sam - I already cried once - when "they" took away his daughter. I laughed when he announced his wage; it's the same as mine. Perhaps I should cry again.