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Monday, September 27, 2004

I was still in a daze waking up, thinking to myself.... "I don't want to get up." The phone rang. It was about 6:30? It was S--- telling me that she just wanted me to know what was up; she had been in a wreck on her way to work. Still in a daze I asked if she was okay. She is and was very calm just taking care of business. We said goodbye and hung up the phone. I lay back down and thought hmmmmmmmm can I sleep? I still don't want to get up. I couldn't sleep, so I got up ready to attack the day.

I haven't seen the car, but I heard that it is smashed on the right side and scrapes all around. Even after her describing it, I can't imagine how she felt. I don't want to. I'm just pleased that she is okay.

I returned home from my day at about 9:30 pm. The P.T. Cruiser doesn't look bad; I'm looking forward to riding in it. It's a rental; S will probably be bored with it in a week or so - who knows? All is well.

Wednesday, September 29 I will answer the weeks Monday Madness which has been a busy day for me with this day(Wednesday) being my time to breathe.

Name THREE of your........
Favorite Sounds: the humming sounds of nature, soothing music, my dog's grunts and groans

Newest 'Toys': a CD player that was marketed for the shower; I have it because it sounds good, is durable and small (for my massage endeavors.) I am expecting some "sport slippers" which I'm hoping will help keep me from slipping while doing floor massages. My Thermos that fits perfectly in my "purse" and my bookbag which allows me to continue my addiction of having a "drink" in my hand. I generally have green or red tea in it at all times. I'm drinking tea from it right now that I made last night during a break from class - it's still hot!

Most Misspelled Words: If I misspell a word more than once, it is due to laziness; I have plenty dictionaries handy which makes it easy to look up before writing. In fact, I just looked up your spelling of "mispell" because it didn't look right to me. Did you do that on purpose?

Favorite Disney Characters: Tigger, Piglet and of course Winnie the Pooh!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Monday Madness Presents...

1. The couch is the most used piece of furniture in my house.

2. The one electronic 'gadget' that I use most often is the t.v. remote.

3. I don't really have a favorite appliance, and I'm sure I could live without each of them because I have before; I am most thankful for having both a washing machine and dryer.

4. I don't generally have things that I no longer use because I get rid of them in that case.

5. I find it easiest to keep in touch with family and friends via the computer and this blog.

6. I own more cd's (or other music media) than I do anything else.

7. All my important addresses are stored in two address books - one which stays home and the other that goes everywhere with me.

8. If I had to live without TWO keys on my keyboard, I would choose ~/` and a key that is so unimportant that the characters won't show on this blog.

9. I don't own any software that I haven't used in years.

10. There are a few food items that I try NEVER to run out of, and those would be toilet paper and toothpaste. I guess I like to make sure both ends are taken care of.

Oh !!!!!!!!!!!!!! you said Food items! I guess that would be salad stuff and bread.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

In order to ensure that I actually participate in Monday Madness this week, I must do it now.

Here is a full set of questions that were contributed by Mom - (I love you!)

1. You are given 1 million dollars. You must give it all away before the donor gives you the $1 million. Who would you give it to? That's easy! I would give it to Susan - he, he, he...

2. If you had $1 million what would you do with it FIRST? Easy again! I would pay off things and people.

3. Do you participate in lotteries? Generally no, but I actually bought a few tickets for the first time in my life about a month ago. I didn't win.

4. Name 3 of your best physical features. My legs (that's two) and my face.

5. Name 3 of your virtues. I am honest, caring and..... hmmmmmm, isn't that enough?

6. Name 3 of your vices. I eat too much junk, I don't exercise enough and I love every minute of it.

7. Name 3 of your favorite pleasures in life. Eating, exercising, and learning (I know it seems contradictory about the exercising - I do enjoy it but need to do it more.)

8. If you were a member of the opposite sex, what would you choose to do for your occupation? I would be a massage therapist - imagine that.

9. If you were to come back after death as another animal, what animal would you choose to be? Perhaps I would choose to be a pet bird; they live a long time and those who love them, really love them bunches.

10. What kind of 'baby' are you... water, clouds, beach, garden? I don't understand this one, but maybe I'm a water baby (being aquarian and all.)

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Are you just dying to know trivial things about my favorite this or that? Here I am with a potpourri of Otto's Monday Madness!

Name 3 of your favorite.......1. Colors - Purples from pastel to metallic depending on what it's on, Blues of all hues (sp?), and Greens.

2. Pizza Toppings - Onions, Pepperoni and Mushroom - yummmmmmmmm!

3. Department Stores - Wal-mart, Target, .... last and least..... K-mart.

4. Flavors of Candy - chocolate, caramel, and peppermint (specifically the chewy ones with the Christmas tree in the middle.)

5. Scents of Candles - anything clean and fresh - lavendarish, vanilla, flowery but not too flowery

6. Days of the Week- days that S isn't stressed out or working too hard.

7. Vegetables - leafy greens, carrots, corn

8. Fruits - blueberries, cherries, raspberries

9. Meals to cook- are you kidding?

10. Kitchen Gadgets - coffee grinder, can opener, and of course the microwave!

11. Olympic Sports - men's gymnastics, swimming and in the winter the one where they go down the ice in a little tube-like thing really fast (it probably would have been easier to look up the spelling for that one.)

1. Which is more fun, kid's toys or grown-up kid's toys? I'm quite find of gadgets/tools, but I also like the handheld video type games.

2. What's your favorite food and why? Crab Legs because it's a special treat when I have them.

2b.Which food is your number one weakness? greasy types of food I guess.

3. How many blogs/journals/diaries would you say you read? 4 or 5 depending on how many keep posting.

4. Do you feel you have an obligation to spread your religious belief system to others, or do you think religion is a private matter that everyone needs to decide for themselves? I do not feel an obligation to spread my spiritual beliefs, but they're really a very simple concept and I do hope to spread it around by living it.

5. Did you keep a paper journal before blogging? No, not really.

6. Describe your life in 3 words. Adventurous, Fun, Seeking

7. What was the last thing you were wrong about? It must have been so long ago that I can't remember.

8. What one thing would you do to help the world be a better place for all? Live "right" which has to do with my spiritual beliefs. I try to do it, but I'm not perfect.

9. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Big Dog! Next time I will probably get a more medium sized dog .... 40 - 60 pounds.

10. If you could start your own meme (And you can!), what kind of questions would you ask? I wouldn't, but I would probably ask questions pertaining to the many things that pop into my head on a daily basis.