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Sunday, February 27, 2005

1. What time is it right now? It is 6:22 pm on the West coast!

2. What are you usually doing at this time on any given day? watching the news!

3. Is there a day of the week that time seems to fly by faster than the other days? Nope!

4. If you could make ONE hour of each day twice as long, which hour of the day would you choose? it wouldn't matter - I guess I'm too practical and no fun sometimes, but I think more importantly, just make good use of each minute and each hour of every day.

5. If you could make one DAY of the week twice as long, which day would you choose? whichever day S and I have off together.

6. If you could make one hour and/or one day HALF as long, which time of the day, and which day of the week would you choose? None - I think it would be foolish to cut away any precious time!

7. Do you agree with the following statement? "The older you get, the faster time goes by." Yes, I definitely agree with it and IT'S TRUE!

8. What do you usually do during your "down time?" I eat, watch t.v., play on the puter, play with my new toy (Trikke) (I got mine here),and obsess over things.

9. What one thing do you spend more time doing each day than anything else? I seem to be always doing dishes; I know there are only two of us, but it seems like that's what I'm always doing. Perhaps I should just start putting them in the dishwasher and wash them when it's full.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

the MMadness supplier says....

This week, using the letters in your name (real or screen name), list some places you've been. Be creative!

New Brunswick Canada and Brunswick GA-USA
the Underground in Atlanta GA
---Georgia - USA!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Consulting the I Ching - What is the nature of my transformation?

Primary #11 T’ai (Peace)
K’un, the receptive, moves downward and stands above the Creative; Ch’ien, the creative, moves upward and stands below the receptive: This natural and ideal state represents "peace, the small departs, the great approaches, good fortune and success. When the "good" is in control, the "evil" come under the influence of the good and change for the better. Everything takes its place. The influences of Heaven and Earth combine and support each other producing prosperity.
Nine at the beginning - "When ribbon grass is pulled up, the sod comes with it." The able person attracts like-minded people with him.
Nine in the second place - "Walk in the middle." gentleness, resolution, do not neglect what is distant. It is import to "bear with imperfect people." Everything (and everyone) has its use. It is important to overcome the hidden danger of slackening during times of peace.
Six in the fifth place - "A modest union between the high and the low brings happiness and blessings.

Interpretation: This hexagram represents true harmony and peace through the production of fruitfulness and tranquility. Negativity is consistently counterbalanced and transformed by the positive forces. Individuals support each other; rising above selfishness, we find it unusually effortless to preserve harmony. Through the group success, each individual is motivated to improve themselves through goodwill and a healthy attitude.
Nine at the beginning - I tend to attract like minded people
Nine in the second place - Try not to sway to the extreme right or left, right or wrong, good or bad (thought process.) Be kind to others even those I see fault in. All people have their purpose and are important. I must be careful to avoid complacency during times of peace and comfort.
Six in the fifth place - I think this sums up the previous two lines mentioned; although I attract like-minded people, it is important to let others in also. All people have their purpose and it is through the combination of all that brings happiness.
Application: My transformation is this "spiritual quest" I have been on since my young teen years. It also includes the career I never knew I wanted but have discovered late in life. Finally, at the age of 43, they both come together and I see my purpose. I have better understanding of life, my career and my spirituality.
The nature of my transformation is Peace. I must continue with my path of living "right" and allow the good to be in control; this will help push out the negative forces when they tempt me. Although I do tend to attract like-minded people, it is important that I keep an open mind with all people for we all have our purpose. I must continue trying to avoid the extreme opinions and reactions I have toward others. Above all, I must avoid complacency; as my Dad always put it, "don’t rest on my laurels."

Derived #39 Chien (Obstruction)
Chien displays the dangerous abyss in front and the steep inaccessible mountain behind us. We are surrounded by obstacles but they can be overcome. This hexagram "represents obstructions that appear in the course of time but can and should be overcome." All instruction is directed in overcoming the obstacles.
Obstacles cannot be overcome directly; therefore, it is wise to pause and retreat. One must join forces with like minded friends. One must put herself under the leadership of another who is equal to the situation. The obstruction that lasts only for a time is useful in personal development. Through introspection, the external obstacle becomes an occasion for inner enrichment.
Interpretation: Obstructions will appear, but they can be overcome. They can be overcome through pausing and retreating, taking the time to look at the situation. One should also help or ask for help of like minded friends.
Application: I must not view the obstruction or obstacle as something negative for I will grow from the experience of overcoming it. I can overcome obstacles by taking the time to step back and think. I must ask for help or help like-minded friends. At times, I should put myself under the leadership of one of my like minded friends as opposed to taking the leadership role. Overcoming obstacles is part of the transformation process.

Nuclear #54 Kuei Mei (the marrying maiden)
Chên, the arousing thunder is above Tui, the joyous lake; this is represented by the eldest son above the youngest daughter. "Thunder stirs the water of the lake which follows its shimmering waves." Chên (the man) leads and Tui (the girl) gladly follows. The girl must behave with caution and reserve. Remain mindful of the end in order to avoid taking wrong turns which lead to disagreements and misunderstanding.
Interpretation: It is important to know ones role and place in each situation. We are not always in control of a situation and must "go with the flow" but at the same time be aware of where you are going in order to keep tract of the end goal. Be careful not to become infatuated with a situation that has little to do with the end goal. It is also important to avoid drifting along haphazardly under the influence of others.
Application: It is important that I realize that I am not in control of all situations. During my everlasting endeavors, I must go with the flow at times, but I must also recognize when to take action; thereby avoiding complacency or simply drifting along under the influence of others. This is good advice for all situations in life, but for this life question, it specifically refers to my continuing this spiritual quest which has rooted, sprouted and begun to grow in the past two years. It also coincides with the career path I am taking. I must always remember that I am not in the massage therapy field only for the gratification that money brings. I am also in it for all the good I can help others feel and cultivate within themselves.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Monday? Madness

Choose a letter of the alphabet. Choose a number 1-10...

My letter is R and my number is 8.

Using the letter you chose, write down _____ (number you chose) things that describe the current season where you live.

Currently the season(or weather) is rainy which is rare according to other people. Mountains are running over homes, people are ramming their cars into others, raincoats are being worn, rambunctious children continue to play and scream, railroad tracks were flooded, and ravines are being created.

Whew! I did it - I was tempted to change my number to two, but I persevered.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I was born 43 years ago. I can only imagine my Mom in the hospital giving birth for the sixth time. Thanks for giving it one more try. I have been told that I was the only one who was planned; perhaps they thought it was a good idea to keep the number even. I think it was a good idea.

I don’t remember anything before the age of 5 or more. I think my earliest memory is watching slides of expo 67 which is why I can remember the age of 5. I also have a good memory of a birthday party given to me by my 5 sisters, Mom and Dad. It was the best party. I don’t know which party it was, but it was all about me and they gave me presents. It meant a lot to me because I know everyone’s heart was really there.

My teen years were up and down. I really don’t why or how I became somewhat of a "lost" one, but I definitely rebelled against my parent’s authority. I won’t go into all the details; I will just say that I am glad my parents never disowned me.

At the age of 18, I left the nest. I have now lived in other states longer than I had lived in my home state, Michigan. When someone asks me where I am from, I usually give a longer answer than expected.

Throughout my adult life, I have been trying to find my niche in life; through that, I am discovering myself.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Linda, Sharlene, Pam, Pat and Nat - I am thankful for the family I was born into and the people we have all become - I love you all!
Hello little Missy! You thought I forgot, didn't you!!!?!

These pictures were in the 'salvaged from the flood by Pam' pile but that's not the reason the resolution is so poor. It's just that our camera didn't take very good pictures back then.

Your first Christmas...
the other baby in the picture is OttO, formerly known as Natalie and even sometimes BooBoo! The lap is mine and the whole picture is not really good at all! You were almost a year old, not walking yet, but really getting around! Looks like you were going after something here...

Your dad & I LOVE you. You will always be my baby and little Janny no-no!
Happy Birthday Baby!

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