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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Although the air looks much like "normal" where I live, the fires of San Diego County are not contained. The fires continue to consume San Diego. It's difficult to even process this thought. I know it's real, but it is beyond anything I ever imagined I would experience.

Monday, October 27, 2003

It seems that we are out of danger. I believe it too; we just returned from Bravo's last walk for the day and the air seemed a little more clear than before. My school is back in action too. It turns out that the closest flames were 2 - 3 miles from there; that's pretty close in my opinion.

I forgot to mention the plane that landed on a highway out here. I saw it on the news - not first hand - praise the Lord! There weren't many cars on the road. After the guy landed, he got out just in time for it to go up in flames. So, there's a few things to be thankful for right there - 1) not too many cars on the road 2) he didn't crash in some dry brushy area just to start another gigantic fire -- Idiot! What was he doing in the air with all the fires going on anyway? He had no business doing that and putting other lives in danger by landing on the highway that just makes me angry. No, I'm not stomping my feet - already did that yesterday when I saw it on the news.

Love Ya's - you know who you are!
Monday Madness:

It seems lately any channel you switch to, any day of the week, there is a 'reality show' on. This brings me to this week's questions................
1. Do you watch any 'reality shows' on television? If so, which is your favorite? If not, why?
2. If you were offered a chance to be a part of any of the reality shows, which one would you choose? Why?
3. If you could pick your own team on 'Survivor' what qualities would you look for in the 7 people you would choose?

I cannot tell a lie; I watch Survivor and The Bachelor. My favorite is Survivor.

If I were to go on a reality show, I would choose Survivor; I've actually put some serious thought to it before, but got off the idea as I was planning to move across the country. I would choose Survivor because I believe that it is a true depiction of what out society is like. We have the back stabbers, the game players and then yes, believe it or not, we also have just good ol' people. I would be one of the good ones - my goal would be to live "the game" the same way I try to live life - "right."

If I could pick my own team, it would be difficult. I think I would prefer the randomness of team picking because usually an "outside force" knows what I need better than I do. I wouldn't pick anyone I love because I wouldn't want them to go through some of the things the people go through on survivor. I would however, share the winnings with my loved ones in one way or another.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Bravo has finally blogged again!
I drove to class this morning - the sun was shining, but something was strange. It didn't look like any rain cloud I had ever seen before. The farther north I drove, the darker it seemed to get. I arrived at school and it was black. The time was just before 9am. You do know that it is usually light by that time, right? especially in San Diego where it seldom rains. Hmmm that's part of the problem.

Class was good - it was strange looking out the window though; it was so gloomy. The sun was trying to break through. We could tell that it was actually a sunny day, but it was ominous.

Fires are everywhere; When I got out of class, my car was dusty with ash. The ground was ashy. I'm home; have been for a while now. I'm hoping that I won't have to evacuate, but I already packed my paperwork stuff. I'm thinking about packing photos (life) too. what to do what to do...................

Family, know that I will always have my cell and won't be out of contact. I just filled my car with gas. I have water in my car and can pack clothes pretty quickly.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

I should be working on my biology right now, but............... yada yada, blah blah...........

School is a wonderful thing - I just have this way of working on what doesn't need to be done yet; then, when it gets close for something else to be due, I realize that is what I should be working on. Interesting - in my opinion, it is just a disguised form of procrastinating. ... and here I bear my soul to you...

I filled out my form for next semester's classes; they're really trimesters I guess since there are three to a year. Back to the point... my schedule is actually going to be better than this one. I will have classes on Mon, Tue, Thur, and Friday. The greatest thing about the schedule is that I will have time to organize notes/do homework immediately after class since I have more day classes than night. That's how I did it while I was earning my BBA and it worked much better than how this semester has been going with all night/weekend classes.

Life is good!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

From Blogger Seeds this question arose.....

How do you refer to each room in your house?

Of course there are the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room; along with those we have the "extra" room in which we have the computer and a small couch that can be pulled out for an extra bed. I am affectionately fond of the "rubber ducky" room - it is the second bathroom where S actually didn't fight me when I put my rubber duckies in it along with a rubber ducky shower curtain.
I'm a "literal" person. I give credit for this attribute to my father who used to quite firmily say, "Say what you mean; don't mean what you say." That makes sense too. Even though I may have fought it then, I even knew then that it made sense.

This literal sense in myself has sometimes caused communication issues - why? you may ask - because most people are sarcastic, evasive or just plain have trouble saying what they mean.

Now, as a student of Oriental Medicine, I must learn the information with an open mind and probably one that is not so literal.

Now, about "kidneys!" as he points to his head(brain.)

Another famous line of my father's was when he would say or do something clever (which was often of course.) One of us (daughters) would express admiration or respect. Dad would simply smile, point at his brain, and say, "Kidneys!"

Well Dad, according to Oriental Medicine, there are a few "curious organs" that just don't neatly fit into one category of control. One of these organs is the brain which is controlled by the (you guessed it) Kidney!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

from Lulu's Lines.....

Trigger 1 - There was a time when I had no vision; now I am entranced by visions.

With time in life, my mind has become more and more open. With an open mind, opportunities are limitless. With a clear mind and vision, anything is possible.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Why don't people where stickers everyday telling of some "important" thing they have accomplished? I've always thought it was funny seeing people where stickers on election day.... "I voted" and yesterday, the biggie was, "I voted electronically." Ooooooooooh !

I think today I will wear a sticker saying, "I did laundry, washed dishes, walked the dog and studied" Oh! even better..... last week, I should've worn a sticker saying, "I got my car registered."

I still can only see Big Arnold as a body builder.