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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

No dial tone! I realized I was without a phone (the old fashioned kind) when I tried to get online. I persistently tried and tried again until finally, I read the error message. It said there was no dial tone. Crap! I immediately went to my phone and checked - sure enough, no dial tone! This freaked me out a bit because I knew I had paid my bill and even if I hadn't, they would have at least threatened me first.

I felt very disconnected by this. I'm so used to having a phone line. I felt vulnerable without it - not that I thought a bad guy disconnected it like on the scary movies, but vulnerable nonetheless. For whatever reason, it's back; therefore, I am back.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Important topic! Wills and Living wills - I don't know what else to say but .... Have it drawn up! Now! not later!

Monday, February 17, 2003

Do you think that we are in charge of our lives? ... how long we live ? ......more specifically, when we die?

In the same way that I believe we are “in charge of our own destiny,” I believe we are in charge of when we die.

This is not about me; nor is it about a family member, but it is about someone’s grandmother who is about 86. This someone is a person whom I care about very much. Her grandmother helped “bring her up.” Now, it seems it is her turn to help “bring her (grandmother) down.”

I realize I do not know exactly what is going on, for I have never met the grandmother. From my view which is not as clear as a bird’s eye, it seems that the grandmother wishes to go.

Susan, being the wonderful , loving person she is, is trying to manage taking care of her grandmother while continuing to stay focused on her own personal/professional goals. How much can one person do?

Perhaps the grandmother does need to live with Susan so she can go knowing that the love she gave is truly reciprocated.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

If I ever see a blue, green or purple person, I will probably give that person a strange look. I would catch myself staring and trying to figure out why that person is so colorful.

I can't help but laugh but really just cringe when people try to explain how liberal or open minded they are about different races or cultures by saying that they wouldn't care if a person is purple, black or white.

I would probably freak out inside if I saw a purple person. A blue person would probably cause me to call an ambulance! Green? I'd probably just walk away very fast.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Why is it that when I meet people through traveling that I don't learn their names?

I hadn't really thought about it until now, but I believe it is because I really have no intention in remembering their first names. Why bother asking it, right?

On one of the flights that Susan and I were on together, Susan Challenged me. She said she was timing me to see how fast I could know where the lady next to us was from.

It was just a matter of seconds before I knew where she was from and many other things.
On my way from Cleveland to Charlotte NC (connecting flight), I thought I was going to nap a bit. I ended up chatting during the whole flight.

Do you believe that things happen for a reason? ...that coincidences are not really a mere coincidence? I do to an extent along with the idea that we are in control of future happenings (to an extent once again).

I sat next to a lady who has recently retired from the court system and her husband died 5 years ago. She doesn't like to fly, but she doesn't like to drive either. She visits her children periodically who live all around The United States of America. She prefers it when her children visit her.

She was talking about possibly getting a part time job through a temp agency ...blah, blah. This is when I told her about the many retired people who work at the Home Depot. I told her how they have the perfect situation because they don't have to be there and it gives them an outlet to be around other people while possibly learning new things and helping others.

The more we talked, the more she got excited about the idea. She had mentioned a friend who knows how to fix a few things around the house and how she wished she could do the same. In response to this, I encouraged her to learn some of that stuff herself. I told her about the 50% tuition reimbursement (after being there a year) and suggested a tech school where she could study plumbing, electrical or horticulture - whichever she found most interesting and/or challenging and useful.

The plane landed and we both felt energized.

I believe it was meant to be that I sat next to that lady. My encouragement helped motivate and energize her while having the same effect on me. For me it was energizing because I was reminded of what my natural talent is - encouraging, motivating and helping others.
I had a great birthday weekend! Susan and I just enjoyed every day to the fullest and of course I milked the birthday thing all I possibly could. We saw three good movies. We rented Bourne Identity and watched it in segments between doing other things like getting glasses.

We also watched Frida which is very good, but beware of some strong sexual content and vulgar language. I guess it was necessary if it was really the way she was; afterall, it is supposed to be true. I hadn't heard of Frida until the movie was made. After realizing she was a Mexican artist, I looked up information online and what I read there painted a little different picture than the movie.

The other movie we saw was also at the theatre, The Recruit. It was exciting and it does make one think about the CIA and other governmental institutions. Mostly, it was just an exciting movie with twists and turns - entertainment!

Monday, February 10, 2003

I was going to apply to be on "Survivor." The due date is tomorrow. I realized a couple of weeks ago that the timing wasn't right. I feel confident that I will get on when I apply, so I am not going to apply until later.
~maybe next time~

That was the first thing that came out of my mouth when I first put on my glasses. I came to Ohio to get my glasses. Why? They make them better up here, don't they? Actually, this is where I could get important input on the big decision. My regular pair will be sent to my house via FedEx. Yesterday I got a pair of prescription sunglasses. Wow! When we went outside,..... wow again! I always knew that everything was really in 3-D, but now I know how clear the world really is.

I had been living in a blurry world for quite some time now.

Watch out! I can see you now!

Thursday, February 06, 2003

I just saw a funny commercial - 4 or 5 men were setting up a tent in the woods. While they are setting up the tent, they hear the dueling banjo song (you know- the infamous song from "deliverance.")

Suddenly, the men take off like there's no tomorrow!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Monday, February 03, 2003

Before I left for this wonderful vacation, I talked about it often in the break room at work. One man, a nice man but evidently not very happy with his life said, "Hawaii is overrated."

I laughed then and I am still laughing now. There is nothing overrated about the beauty of Hawaii.

We walked on the beach nearly everyday if not everyday. What a vacation!

Thank you SDH!