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Friday, June 24, 2005

"Doctoring" Have you heard this joke..... what do you call the med student who graduated at the bottom of the class? DOCTOR! ha, ha, ha, ha

I respect doctors, but it wasn't until I met Susan (a doctor and friend) that I would go to a doctor willingly just for a check-up. I'm glad I did because something was taken care of.

I strongly believe that each individual is responsible for his/her health and that there is much we can do to take care of ourselves. If you believe you are doomed, you are doomed!

I also see the value of doctors; afterall, they have taken good care of my broken "wrist". Actually it wasn't the wrist that was broken (gladly); it's just easier to say that because the end of the radius (which was crushed) does affect the wrist.

I do think it is sad that most doctors don't really have the time to actually talk with their patients and really know more about that person than what they see on the X-ray. My most recent experience tells me that Orthopedic surgeons can be pretty darn good, but they're just too busy. It also tells me that the anesthesiologists must have it pretty good compared to most docs. I had two of them hanging out talking about a bet, smiling and having a good time while the third was trying to get my vein to cooperate. They were my favorite docs last Monday.

I had the external fixator taken off last Monday. It was a surgical procedure but they didn't have to put me out (whatever that means.) It sure seemed like I was out, but I came to as soon as they told me they were done. I was so happy when I realized I wasn't sick. I was a little loopy but not sick.

Since Susan had taken the day off for this and I was out and feeling fine by 9:30 am, we played tourist and checked out the Midway Museum. It was cool; now I know how big that thing is and can imagine Susan taking off from one and trying to land. She used to fly. I'm sure she misses flying but never did like the idea of dropping bombs on other human beings. She's a doc now; you put the pieces together.

I love you all ! Talk to me!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Acquitted on ALL charges? That's amazing - how about the Mom and child endangerment? and the next Moms who send their boys to play with MJ? IDIOTS!

My wrist is healing. I still have the external fixator which is rigidly holding my forearm in a somewhat awkward position. Hopefully, in two weeks this thing will be taken off. The docs are good and I'm thankful for having this service.

Monday Madness on Monday!

Please list at least one anagram for the following words...

1. praised - despair
2. idle - lied
3. lamp - palm
4. tied - diet
5. lured - ruled
6. sang - snag
7. hoes - shoe
8. rats - star
9. mobbed - bombed
10. rifle - filer (or lifer)

Monday, June 06, 2005

MondayMadness - present and past

Using the letters in the following word, describe that word. The word is...WEATHER!
Antifreeze is not necessary here
Thunderstorms do not exist
Hot at times but never humid
Rare in many states

Now for last week's MM - I chose the letter "B" to describe or list the following:

1. family member - Beautiful-each of us
2. movie - Bambi
3. game - Boggle
4. automobile - Bug
5. fictional character - Bambi
6. famous person - Bo Bridges?
7. food - Bread
8. household item - Bed
9. book - Bible
10. song - Before the Deluge (Joan Baez)