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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I've been meaning to blog this for a couple of weeks now.

The moral of the story is.....................

PAY YOUR PROPERTY TAXES!!!!!!!! and.............

OPEN YOUR MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ignoring it will not make it go away.

The story is, "House of Sand and Fog" a kid was killed, a nice foreign couple died tragically, yadda, yadda all due to this troubled young woman ignoring her mail; thereby, not paying her taxes.

It was an okay movie, but definitely not one of the greatest.

The next day, I called the GA tax assessors office and asked them how much I owed them for property taxes and sent it immediately.

Monday, May 24, 2004

From Otto's Monday Madness...

1. I started blogging about my dogs, by my dogs about hmm,,,I have to think now - maybe about two or three years ago - you tell me! (my dogs no longer blog)

2. I try to post a new entry in my blog about every seven days at the very least; I prefer blogging more often than that though. If I ever seem to be neglecting my blog, just be happy that I am living life to the fullest.

3. I read about six blogs on a regular basis (all belonging to family members.)

4. My blog layout is changed whenever granni39,(my mom)desires to do it.

5. I used to _________, and now I blog instead. I don't think I replaced something else with blogging; I just added it to things that I do.

6. I spend more time blogging than I do talking to family members on the phone, but I'm getting better at that.

7. I tend to blog (and visit blogs) most in the late night hours/wee(sp?)morning hours.

8. The thing I enjoy most about blogging is keeping in touch with family members!

Saturday, May 15, 2004

From Blogger Seeds....

Dolley Madison is the first First Lady to serve ice cream at White House state dinners. That leads us to today's questions: What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

Breyers, Caramel Praline Crunch!

Friday, May 14, 2004

April 10th was my last day of school for last trimester, but I had to miss that class. Our connecting flight out of Chicago was cancelled, so we were forced to leave early; it turned out just fine. Due to the flight change, I had to delay my Shiatsu final but was to arrive in Michigan earlier than planned (that was a good thing.)

Susan and I ended up having a very nice time in Michigan visiting the family. We were greeted with snow on Easter day. I was able to see most of my sisters on Easter and then a day or so later drove across the state to visit another sister. We walked along the lake - Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - it was cold! I had a great visit with the family and hope to plan the next one during a summer break.

Upon returning to CA, I had exactly one week to get the house ready for guests; my friends Sarah and Andrea were scheduled to arrive on the same day that I scheduled to take my Shiatsu final. I picked up my friends then went to give my instructor a massage. I had to pay him to give him a massage; as strange as that sounds, I understood the reasoning. I was glad that my friends were tired because they were not difficult to please on their first day in SD. They took a nap while I was at school.

Susan, my friends and I did tourist"y" things around San Diego and had a good time. There is plenty to do and see in this area. We took a trolley tour and saw a few things that we hadn't yet visited; we went back later to a few of the places. One day we went kayaking - it was fun because we were just in flat water - nothing scarey; I hope to do that again soon. My friends stayed almost one week then returned home.

School started back up on May 3, so I had one week of school before taking one more trip. Susan and I went to Durango Colorado to visit a friend. The first thing we did was take a train ride from Durango to Silverton; it was cool. I mean cool too-the morning ride was a bit chilly, but we had jackets. The next day, we were determined to find the lake; we went one way, the "easy" way, but the gatekeeper told us that since the people we rented the cabin from were not members, we could not enter. Do you think that stopped us? of course not! We took the other route and had a few "hills" to climb down before we arrived at the lake. It was beautiful and well worth the hike.

The next day, Macy had planned a little hike for us; When she told me it was a four hour hike roundtrip, I became a little concerned that it would be four hours of the previous days little trip. It wasn't bad at all - it was a nice trail (except for the horse poop.)It was a great trip and now I have been to Colorado. I don't think I could ever live there because I would be to afraid to drive anywhere especially in the winter!

Even though we didn't return home until Wednesday (it snowed that morning too), I didn't miss my Monday class because it had been cancelled. I went to class on Thursday and was looking forward to going to class on Friday but it was also cancelled. So... today, I did four loads of laundry. I guess I should do something useful tomorrow too since Susan has to work all day.

That was my vacation. Life is good!

Thursday, May 13, 2004


I haven't blogged in a while due to friends visiting along with visiting friends and family. It's been a great month - school began last week, but I had one more little trip to take (Saturday to Wednesday.) I am happy that I didn't even have to miss a class.

Right now, I have to get ready for class, so I will tell more later. Don't give up on me!