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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Monday Madness on Sunday night!!!!!

1. I try not to eat past 8 pm.

2. My favorite photography subject is life.

3. I don't know what I will use to edit photos or even if i will edit photos.

4. If I'm having trouble sleeping, I either get up and play on the computer or get up to put my special lotion on my legs. By the time I go to bed, i don't usually have trouble sleeping.

5. When I'm hungry for a snack, I eat whatever is easiest which is why i try to keep fresh fruit in the house. Popcorn is always good - the microwave minis.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm adding this week's Monday Madness to my last weeks questions simply because I don't like to be missed or ignored.

What comes to mind when I think of the following colors?
RED - rhaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BLUE - peace
GREEN - money (sorry, I tried not to think of the "green")
YELLOW - mushy corn
PURPLE - Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
PINK - pink you stink!
ORANGE - yummy but juice drips on my hand and I don't like that.
BLACK - peace/ serenity, quiet darkness
WHITE - blank/empty

so there I did it and it is really Sunday night at 9:39 pm on 16 July 2006 - love you Otto!

Wednesday Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.What is your favorite framed object in your house? A picture of Bravo walking in the lake in order to get closer to the ducks. He's not really a water dog.

2. Carnivore or herbivore? Like most of us (humans,) I am an omnivore. I don't generally crave beef, but I do love the pig, chicken, shrimp and crab legs.

3. Who do you think should have won the world cup? Or, don't you care? It's over now and I really wasn't concerned about it. That was an interesting head but(t) though.

4. What's your feelings on stormy weather? I love variety; therefore, I would love some stormy weather. That just doesn't happen much out here.

5. Do you believe in "time out" chairs? Yes - used properly of course. When I think S needs a time-out, I just find something to do and get busy; I don't think she'd really go for the chair thing.

6. Have you ever bought or sold anything on Ebay? S has and she did through an Ebay store; they get a nice cut, but take care of all the crapola.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I would like to present my Monday Madness answers from two weeks ago...........................

1. Do you own a digital camera? Yes I do! I just bought it two weeks ago and I love it.

2. What is your camera of choice? I chose the Pentax, Optio A10; my decision making process included ease of carrying it around, size of viewing screen and megapixels. This camera is perfect for my photo taking desires.

3. If you're a digital camera fan, do you print your own photos, or do you send them in to be printed? If you send them in, do you have a favorite place? I intend to print most photos at the local Wal-mart; if I want any big ones, I will do it with dotphoto because S had a good experience with them.

4. How many pictures do you take a month? Since I've only taken about 8 photos in two weeks, so far my avg per month would be 16!

5. How many of those pictures actually get printed? I have not printed any yet, but they will be.

6. Are you planning on purchasing a new camera in the near future? NO! I just did! Can you believe this is my first digital camera?

Now.............. for this weeks Monday Madness!

1. Have you ever traveled outside of your own country? Yes; I have traveled to Canada, Mexico and French Polynesia.

2. If you could be any animal, which animal would you be, and why? Roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lion! why not; it's all just fantasy anyway.

3. Do you read manga? No.

4. Are you doing anything special to celebrate Independence Day? We went to the desert, Palm Springs for a two day getaway. It was very nice and relaxing. We came back on Monday because S had to work that night. On the actual 4th of July; I could hear the fireworks in the distance.

5. How many memes do you participate in regularly? only one; can you guess which? ha, ha, ha

6. How much is a gallon of gasoline where you live? I bought gas just yesterday at $3.33/gal and I continue to drive as much as I want or need.