Jan's Introspection

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Whew! What a great day! Patti and Fam arrived later than scheduled (midnight) last night. They had a long traveling day but managed to get in enough sleep to keep going at Sea World for about 12 hours. S and I managed to get in a break by going home to walk Bravo. We enjoyed the break, but it was also nice to return to the park and play some more. ~by the way, we got in free too with S being in the military~ that's always a nice touch!

All is well here - I believe Patti and Fam will be taking the trolley tour tomorrow. S will work and I have a wrist check-up. We may all meet for dinner. I will keep you posted.

Friday, July 08, 2005

gradually............. my range of motion will totally return; that is................ my belief.

In one of my classes today, I realized that I felt more like myself. Since breaking my wrist and having it bound, I hadn't really been myself; of course i did not realize this until today when I suddenly was laughing and entertaining my classmates once again. My classmates noticed it too; therefore, it is not just my illusion. I am typing with two hands. Soon I will be massaging again! I miss it.

Monday Madness presents.......
1. I have the hardest time answering these questions in a timely fashion.

2. As soon as I can afford it, I'm buying a new vehicle; it will be in more than two years and it will be either a Subaru Forester or a Honda Element.

3. I should probably eat more veggies of course!

4. When _________ comes around, it always brings back wonderful memories.

5. I remember my favorite childhood toy? I can't say I really had a favorite. I believe I totally appreciated everything; I was quite close with Teddy and Priscilla, but felt super special when I saw my banana bike next to the Christmas tree one year. To this day, that is the best bicycle I have ever owned.

6. If I had to describe my computer desk in one word, it would have to be not a computer desk and not mine.

7. The person running this meme is doing a great job.

8. I will offer some questions again the next time they pop in my head.