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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Bravo got his yearly shots today. He's such a good boy. After I payed, the lady behind the counter said, "see you in 6 months." I responded, "well actually you won't; I'm moving." She asked where I was moving. I responded with hesitation - California.

The old fart redneck said, "yer movin' ta da wrong purt a da country!" to which I replied, " ha ha ha ha that's exactly why I hesitate to answer that question - blah, blah "realizing that it wasn't worth explaining darted out the door laughing.


It's definitely time to go. smile
These weeks Monday Madness!

I fell asleep while my computer was still online - keeping the computer online was due to my intention to do this. It's my weekend; what can I say?

1. Do you like to cook? Why or why not?
I enjoy cooking with Susan. Generally, I haven't really had cooking as part of my daily regimen. Let me tell you a little story - it's one of my memories which means it could be real or not. I remember as a child having the choice to go outside to work with Dad or stay in and help Mom. I chose the great outdoors and Dad ~ nothing personal Mom.

2. What is your favorite recipe? Is it one you use on a regular basis? (Feel free to share the recipe with us!)
Since cooking isn't yet a habit in my life, I can't say I do have a favorite recipe. I will tell you the things that I do know how to cook and have since I was a kid - eggs! I can cook some eggs!

3. If you owned a restaurant, what would the theme be? What would your restaurant be called?
Since spending much of my adult life in the restaurant business, owning a restaurant has been somewhat of a dream of mine. I've had a couple different "themes" in mind. The grandest theme would be the Mexican restaurant. I mean Mexican - not made by Mexicans for the gringo tongue. The menu would have dinners which were based on specialty foods from the different states and cities of México; for example Cabrito de Monterrey.

The other restaurant idea is much simpler; as a matter of fact, simple would be the theme. It would be a grill - type cooking restaurant where I would cook and run the joint most of the time. -- that type of cooking I enjoy. I enjoyed it when I worked at a Huddle House as the cook and the assistant manager. Keeping it simple!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

1. What three adjectives would you use to describe your best friend?
loving, devoted, and proud that we are still friends

These are words from Mom about Dad ~ both being the greatest people I know.

When I think about the things my parents endured bringing up six girls, only positive thoughts come to mind. We had some tough times while I was a kid, but all with good results; afterall, look at us now!

Everyday, I have the thought, "I'm glad for who I am and where I've come from." I am proud of my family and my upbringing.

I love you Mom and Dad and it feels good to feel the freedom to say those words. Thank YOU!

Monday, April 21, 2003

Survivor - the "reality" show

The idea of going on that show seems so trivial and meaningless now......... now seeing former prisoners of war going home and thinking what they went through mentally and physically. They make me proud that is for sure --- proud of them --- proud of our country and our armed forces --- proud to be a United States American.
Monday Madness Week Four!

1. What three adjectives would you use to describe your best friend?
Genuine - Fun - Beautiful

2. Please fill in the blank (and feel free to elaborate!).... "When I dance, I look like ________________."
When I dance, I look like I am loving life. I love to dance - While dancing, I don't think about the world around me; I am totally with the music.

3. What is the longest word that you can think of? Define it.
The largest word I can think of without cheating, would be the one Sharlene used during a game when we were kids. The only problem is that I don't know how to spell it.

A bonus question in honor of Easter.
4. What is your favorite flavor of jellybeans? What is your least favorite flavor?

I don't have a favorite flavor, but my least favorite would be the piña colada flavor I tried yesterday in the break room.

It's Monday - the day many dislike. Even when I worked a Mon - Friday job, I didn't really hate Mondays (because I loved that job.) Now, since the meat of my work week is on the weekend, I certainly don't hate Mondays! Tomorrow is the last day of my work week, so to all of you who say , "wooo hooo - It's Friday," I say to you, "wooo hooooo - It's Monday!

Thursday, April 17, 2003

I don't really hate the phone. As noted by one of my faithful readers, the phone can be a useful tool for when their is some important information to convey.

I was just having trouble communicating that day and it felt good to blame it on something. An inanimate object seemed like a safe "victim."


Monday, April 14, 2003

Technology! It's a wonderful thing!

I love the internet, but I have a love/hate relationship with the phone. I feel closer to loved ones due to the written word over the internet. The phone, however, causes much confusion and the more you try to resolve things using the phone, the worse it gets! With the written word, the writer can think things through; thereby, creating a much better form of communication than speaking on the phone.

Frustration begets more frustration which is why the phone helps dig the hole deeper when there is a communication problem.

On the flipside, I had been trying to get to hotmail for quite a while so I could communicate with someone but haven't been able to connect.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Here are this week's Monday Madness Questions of the Week:

1. Which one pet that you've owned in your life was/is your favorite? Why?
Of course that would be Bravo, my boy who is still with me. He's my favorite mainly because he is still alive but also because I have grown closer to him than any other animal I have had.

2. What one thing have you always wanted to try, but have been too afraid to? Do you still want to try it?
I've always wanted to try having my own business - probably a restaurant. Of course I still want to try it, but it isn't just a matter of being "afraid." There's that little factor called - money. The restaurant business can be such a shaky one too.

3. If you could invent something, what would you invent? Give it a name...
I'm afraid to "say it" aloud because someone might steal my idea. Are you sure I can trust you? Okay, here it goes. It would be called the woman's toilet. It would be formed in such a way that it would be easy for women to straddle comfortably. You don't turn away from it you just face it while straddling. The shape is perfected to accomodate the fact that we can't aim. Oh, I've already detected a problem; it's only good for #1. I'll have to think about #2. Poop on it!
Yard Sales, Rummage sales, Garage sales, Estate sales... Whatever you choose to call it.... oh what fun it is!

Really! I enjoy having them. Including the stuff I sold prior to the actual sale day, I took in almost $700 and still have a few things to get rid of. Despite the fact that everything is always sold at a loss compared to what was originally paid, everything feels like free and clear profit. Why? Everything feels like free and clear profit because when you compare it to giving it away or throwing it away, that is what it is.

Although most of the visitors were pleasant, I will begin by telling you about one family that caught me off guard. They pulled in, put the youngest kids in strollers, kids pushing kids and moms running all around. The walking kids were grabbing things off the tables while the women were insisting on their prices rather than mine. They were not negotiating; they were demanding! It caught me off guard, so they won - I was just anxious for them to leave my property. Of course now I realize that I should have just asked them to leave, but like I said, they caught me off guard.

Later, a woman and two daughters came by. While the little girl was closely inspecting a notebook she asked how much it was. I told her she could have it because it would be good for school. I also told her to pick one out for her sister. That was a sweet moment because I could see that she really appreciated it.

I had a few plants too and was pleased when a nice lady wanted them. I really just wanted the plants to have the opportunity to continue living. I love plants. i know I get that love from Mom because she has always been very good with them and has a house full. The real cool thing about the plants is that before Sarah and Andrea moved west, they gave me a bunch of them. They ended up visiting me a couple nights ago and took back a bunch of those plants to give to Ben, Sarah's son. In this case, the saying, "what goes around comes around," happened literally.

I sure had a great weekend! There's a lot to be said for having two days off in a row - a weekend now and then is nice too!

Monday, April 07, 2003

My answers to Monday Madness!

1. If you could bring someone famous back from the grave, who would you choose? Why?

Albert Einstein - I think I've been asked this question before and now my reason is a little more specific. I would Love to chat with him about anything, but specifically about energy - the energy that all living things emanate. Most importantly, us humans and how we fight for each others energy (which has a negative result) and how we can also give off positive energy. Of course this is assuming that he would take the time to chat with me after I had taken the time to bring him back to life. After he sees the world today, he may be upset with me for bringing him back.

2. What have you tried in life, and simply were not good at?

There are a good number of things that I've tried and wasn't good at, but the one I really wanted to do was play guitar. It was too much of a struggle to get my pudgy short fingers around the neck to get to the strings in the proper form.

3. Approximately how many times a day do you look at the clock? Where are you when you look at the clock the most?

I have 13 clocks in my house because I just love to know what time it is and do not enjoy wearing anything around my wrist. I look at a clock every time I enter a room in my house. I also look at my clock (bug from gnat) which i wear hooked to the button hole on my collar while at work many times throughout my work day. I'm sure I probably look at the clock at least 50 times a day and mostly while I'm at work. I look at the clock mostly while at work because it's more important there where you're an hourly employee and the crazy management acts like you're evil if you clocked out or in early or late.