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Friday, June 28, 2002

Back to the "turning point"...... When it was announced that CP was closing, one of my first reactions was, 'I guess it's time for me to find a new talent.' During my walks, I listened to inspirational tapes and visualized success (as I see it, not necessarily as you see it). Then, after a while, the momentum was lost - I had wasted time not looking for employment and spent a lot of time on the computer "socializing." The computer, ladies and gentlemen, just like anything else, can be addictive. Since I had already taken alcohol out of my life, communicating with people I had never seen became my new escape. Balance! Balance! Balance! The computer nor any activities concerning the computer are bad. What is bad, is spending time on it that should be used elsewhere. Point being, balance is the key. Isn't it always? The search will never end. Being aware of it is probably as close as we will get to finding the balance. I say this because at least when I am consciously thinking of it, I am closer to balance than before. One day, I plan to start yoga perhaps then, I truly will find the balance. I'll tell you about it. Back to the computer thing. I have met two people who have come into my physical life. They are both pretty good friends. I should call Marlena, she lives fairly close and once in a while I hang with her and some of her friends. Susan, although she lives farther away, is a closer friend than Marlena. One day, the distance may be removed also. My point is that although I know i had spent a little too much time on the internet for a while there, the friends i have made make it worth it. It was Susan who helped motivate me to look for jobs at places such as UPS, FedEx and Home Depot. Thanks Susan!

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Tomorrow, I will begin orientation for my new job with Home Depot. It will be very different from my teaching job with CP, but I am genuinely looking forward to it. I like that they take the time for orientation and I'm quite sure the training will also be satisfactory. I'm also looking forward to visiting one of my sisters and her family at Tybee. Hopefully, she will be in contact with me before I go to work on Saturday since it will make more sense for me to go there directly from my day at home depot. I cheated on the dog walk today; we only did 6 laps. With all the rain we've been having, I was spoiled with the cooler temperatures. It was hot out there just now! Alley went directly to her pool and plopped in it just like I will enjoy doing with the tub soon. Bravo on the other hand, delicately steps into his pool just to cool off from his paws. I sure do love them!
I have had some experiences in life which I consider to be definite "turning points." My latest being, unemployment. More importantly, the closing of Cedar Plantation in Metter GA. It has now been 7 months since the closing and I believe that I am now "over it." I mean that in exactly the sense that you may think. Have you ever broken a strong relationship with a man or woman or lost a loved one? If so, you understand the feeling that I had with the closing. It was a grieving process. We at CP created a bond that was very much like a family. We often related, sometimes we didn't, we laughed, cried, played, worked and we were a team working toward a common goal. It was truly the ideal "work" situation. I had the pleasure of being a part of that for three and a half years. I am thankful for that experience. Now..... I am moving on.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

wow! MOM! I AM hooked! I was determined to get my links/favorite blogs to work. Of course they work now, but it took me a good while to get it right. I'm sure the dog walk helped. I am definitely the type who needs to get away from a problem for a bit in order to solve it. I guess once I get this stuff figured out, it won't take me so long to accomplish a task. On the other hand, the more we learn, the more we want to learn - and I know that with this computer stuff learning is definitely never ending! Well, my links work.
I'm a little strange sometimes; i'm just posting this in order to see if the correct time will be displayed. gotta love me!
I'm doing this because I think it's a pretty cool idea. Mom recommended it. I started one for Bravo and another for Alley, so I may as well also speak from my own perspective. Once i begin work again, I don't know how often I will post here, but I will try for at least once a week. This is where those people I love and those who love me (hopefully the same people) can check in on me and what may be going on in my life. It could be interesting; afterall, my life has been quite an adventure so far.