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Thursday, October 28, 2004

I've had quite a busy October so far; most importantly I have had a few wellness "check-ups."

I had my first mammogram which came back with no visible abnormalities - no surprise to me.

I also had a colposcopy after the doc who did my pap thought he saw something - the pap itself came back with no abnormalities and the second doc did not see anything, so no worries.

There was this one thing though that should not have been there. The doc was good, so I let him biopsy it (which effectively got rid of it.) This came back "not cancerous," but also "not normal."

It has been suggested that I let them cut more due to the possibility of the cells becoming cancerous at some point in my life. Although I will most likely go along with whatever they suggest, this sounds a bit nuts to me.

I believe since the cells are always changing, they just caught them on an unhealthy day (so to speak.) It has been said by some that we all have "cancer" cells at some point in our lives - what determines whether or not they take over is how we feed our bodies. I know I have been putting a lot of garbage inside my body.

I think the true solution for me is to cleanse my body - feed my body (without the garbage)

Don't worry about any of this because there really is nothing to worry about - I think this was my kick in the butt to stop eating so much crap which is so easy to grab and satisfy the feeling of hunger. I need to remember that our food becomes us. Put garbage in and we are garbage.

I will be leaving for vacation tomorrow and I will try to eat healthily. Enjoying vacation does not have to mean eating excessively or eating crap. Actually, I think this will be a wonderful opportunity.

Monday, October 25, 2004


S , Bravo and I have a week of vacation planned. Bravo will be staying at the Petsmart "hotel" while S and I will be on a very special cruise where neither of us will have to be concerned about the world around us.

We will begin in Tampa, Fl - cruise to Key West where we will spend two days including an activity of sailing on a catamaran and snorkelling.

After another day at sea (which will also be fun and entertaining,) we will arrive in Cozumel/Playa del Carmen where we chose to venture out to see the Coba Ruins.

The next day, we will visit Progreso, Mexico where we will go on a kayak adventure at Chelem Lagoon.

Friday will be a day at sea before returning to Tampa, Fl.

I'm looking forward to this very cool vacation!
Monday Madness Presents... My monster has:

Eyes like a puppy dog.

Teeth like like a big doggy.

Hair like a silky blanket.

Face like an innocent beast.

But no matter how big my monster is, I love him
anyway just the way he is! (he is currently at 119lbs!)

Guess who?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Why haven't I been blogging? It isn't for lack of time or thoughts. Just the opposite is true. I have so many things going on in my head that blogging would be difficult; it would force me to organize my thoughts. This is just the beginning.

It's been raining a lot everywhere I guess, but after 182 days of no rain it is strange seeing rain again. I love the rain despite the phobia I seem to be developing of driving in it. I'm fighting it; I think I am really afraid of the other drivers. Actually this fear began before I ever had my eyes checked and needed glasses. I could not see well in the rain. With the lights glistening and reflecting everywhere sometimes I thought I was hallucinating. Thankfully, after meeting Susan, she convinced me to get my eyes checked. I can see now.

School is great! I am getting the most out of this; I love what I'm doing.

Bravo still tries to duck when the rain drops hit him; it's cute. I love my boy.

Susan is working a lot - too much - it has to be done.

I think the Navy has a lot of wimps; the enlisted folk don't know how to show proper respect either. That's my opinion.

I voted already.

I will be going on a cruise in a couple weeks.

I missed the deadline to apply to be an extra on "the L Word." It would have interrupted the whole "vacation" thing so I hesitated. oh well

I think about my family all the time. I want to teach you (brother's in law included) a specific massage so you can give it to each other. It's good.

this will be all for now, but I certainly didn't spit out all my thoughts yet. this is just the beginning. (i hope)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Monday Madness suggests that I describe my favorite season using the letters in the word autumn.


Which season is it?