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Friday, January 05, 2007

I was walking Bravo (the dog) on December 23, 2006 as I do at least three times each day when a man came towards me in a frantic state of mind. I stopped walking and asked the man to stop approaching me (because I wasn't fond of his anxiousness), I made Bravo sit and then feeling confident everyone was cool, I asked the man what his problem was. He was anxious because his poodle had escaped the groomers place. He gave me his phone number and I told him I would keep my eye out. Christmas passed and on each of Bravo's walks I continued to see the signs which were posted about this lost poodle. With this constant reminder, I couldn't help but wonder if the dog had been retrieved. I called the man and asked him if he had found his dog. He had and all was well.

I think that if I posted signs in places whether they be for a lost pet or an upcoming yard sale, I would take them down after they were no longer needed, wouldn't you?